Portraits of Life in Rural Japan

Various Authors

Camphor Press | August 2020 | 326 pages

$7.99 (e-book) | ISBN 978-1-78869-218-2

$16.99 (paperback) | ISBN 978-1-78869-219-9

$26.99 (hardback) | ISBN 978-1-78869-220-5

Contributions by Sam Baldwin, Paul Barach, Brian Burke-Gaffney, Amy Chavez, Mei Ling Chiam, Sarah Coomber, John Dougill, Lesley Downer, Tom Gibb, Austin Gilkeson, Suzanne Kamata, Silvia Lawrence, Iain Maloney, Stephen Mansfield, Thersa Matsuura, Rebecca Otowa, and Paul Vickory.

Edited by John Grant Ross.

The cover of Inaka: Portraits of Life in Rural Japan