Covid-19 Notice

These are uncertain times for everyone, and independent publishers are no different. At the moment we are running a normal service, but both print times and delivery times may be affected.

The three of us at Camphor Press already work remotely, so we haven’t had to change much. Some of our book launches will be pushed back; we had two titles planned to coincide with the Tokyo Olympics, an event now postponed until 2021. Most, however, are going ahead as planned. We can’t do promotional events out in the real world, so some launches will look different too.

To make our titles more accessible during this time we are offering all of our e-books for a great price – any four titles for US$10 (or the equivalent in your currency). We’re also working on turning more of our print-only books into e-books to broaden your options.

Thank you all for your continued support. It means a lot to us here, especially now.